Mark Your Calendars!
Our 2nd College Tour Is On It's Way To .
We're Visiting 8 Schools With Spin The Wheel, Free Gifts & More...
Come Say Hi!

  • 4.11FSU
    WHEN: 5:30PM
    WHERE: Dick Howser Stadium At Tickets & Concessions
  • 4.12FAMU
    WHEN: 11AM
    WHERE: Kameleon Kava & Coffee
  • 4.13UF
    WHEN: 10AM
    WHERE: Spring Fan Fest, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
  • 4.15UCF
    WHEN: 11AM
    WHERE: 2451 Dean Rd, Union Park, FL 32817
  • 4.17USF
    WHEN: 4PM
    WHERE: 3020 Cove Bend Dr
  • 4.18UT
    WHEN: 11AM
    WHERE: Riverfront Park, Julian B Lane
  • 4.22FAU
    WHEN: 11AM
    WHERE: 3601 N Military Trl, Boca Raton 33431 (Capstone Apts)
  • 4.23UMIAMI
    WHEN: 11AM
    WHERE: Westbrook Walkway


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