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Our Mission & Vision

As the next generation of fashion creators, we believe that fashion should never compromise our precious ecosystem. We know how much our consumers care about our planet, just as much as we do; that is why we have made it our mission to focus on sustainability in the hopes of making our earth a cleaner and happier place for future generations.

Protecting the Planet & Sustainability

Try & Repeat model - Less Waste

To avoid waste due to mass production, we apply the try and repeat production model. When a new style is introduced, we only manufacture a minimal number of units, and only then, based on customer demand, we scale production to match the request. This ensures we do not produce unwanted units that cause a massive waste, like the ordinary fast fashion companies.

Fashion On Demand - Made to Order Pilot

We are the first fast-fashion company that has launched a made-to-order manufacturing model. When you order from this category, we will produce our products in real time, in 5-7 days, allowing you to purchase the clothing you love without hurting the environment. This means there's no inventory behind the product and no waste of the materials used to produce your clothing. The clothing from this line is also made from 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester to reduce our carbon footprint while not compromising on style. Once purchased, your clothing will be produced locally (in one of our factories in the region, and as close to your personal address as possible.) Therefore, reducing transportation pollution and without compromising on quality or speed. We will then ship your products in fully recyclable packaging while providing the necessary protection for your product's needs in transit.

Recyclable Cardboard

We ensure that our international shipments are sent in recyclable cardboard boxes. To ensure that these are recyclable, we no longer use external adhesive strips that prevent the recycling process of these boxes. This model is the most sustainable way to sell fashion and the future of a sustainable world.

Using Waste

Poly Bags - our items are packaged separately, in correct-sized packages made entirely of 100% recycled materials.

Animal Rights

Our offices are made up of young, compassionate people who care about our future and all its inhabitants! We are big animal lovers and encourage our employees to bring their pets to work to create a happier environment for all. We have a strict policy that excludes animal products in our clothing, and we are a fur-free company. We are currently exploring different initiatives and movements that we can join to learn how we as a company can contribute to the welfare of these animals.

Employee Diversity

Just so you know, this was not planned at all, although we are all about girl power at Edikted! We are proud to be a company that champions women in the industry, and we will continue to strive to do so!

Ethical Supply Chain

Within Edikted, as well as with our direct suppliers, we require and enforce, that various aspects of employment ethics are implemented.

Fair Wages and social benefits

Wages, overtime, insurance, and legally mandated benefits are paid and documented in a fair and timely manner and at a level that allows our direct supplier employees to earn a decent living.
Overtime is only worked to a very limited extent to ensure that employees of our direct suppliers can also maintain a positive work-life balance.

Legal and Ethical Employment

We enforce a healthy and safe work environment for all of our employees, including employees of our direct suppliers, and do not tolerate working conditions that violate our health and safety standards.
It is unfortunate that this has to be said, but we do not allow the exploitation of humans or animals under any circumstances and have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of child or forced labor with our direct suppliers.

Our Commitment

As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day," and that applies to saving our planet as well. We still have a long journey ahead, but we give you our word that it is at the forefront of what we are trying to achieve as a global brand. To keep you in the loop, we will be constantly updating this page in hopes of inspiring our audience and setting an example for other fashion brands.
The bottom line is that we can achieve a better future if we all work together and tackle the things we can change, now! If we all start small and begin making better, more informed choices, we can make a positive impact. Remember, "From small things, big things grow!"