Our Story

Our story began when a group of like-minded, fashion-forward thinkers came together and collectively identified a need to create affordable on-trend fashion that doesn't compromise on quality or style. With over 10 years of industry knowledge and experience and past successes, we worked tirelessly around the clock, carefully designing and curating pieces from scratch, to bring you the brand EDIKTED.
Edikted, created by the founding members of a previous successful clothing brand, is a Gen-Z-orientated online fashion brand, heavily influenced by pop culture, technology, and style. Our team is focused on delivering you the most coveted styles, from clothing to accessories, inspired by the top streetwear looks, modern-day muses, and runway trends. We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable trend-lead fashion at their fingertips, regardless of shape or size. 
We strive to inspire uniqueness and diversity for all trend-obsessed individuals. We believe all women should feel fierce, confident, and powerful no matter the occasion, and we push to reflect that in the way we design and produce our fashion pieces.
We at Edikted are committed to reducing our footprint through our try and repeat model. We produce controlled amounts of the styles you love at your demand, limiting the inventory we have! When you shop with us, you're contributing to reducing waste and helping us make the future of our planet a brighter one.