Shipment protection terms and conditions

Shipment Protection

  • We are thrilled to offer all of our customers shipment protection, to fully protect your package in any case of loss/theft/damage during transit (the “Shipment Protection”). Shipment Protection will automatically be added to your shopping cart, but feel free to opt out, if you do not wish for the package protection.
  • The cost of the Shipment Protection will be added to the total amount of your order on a checkout, and will be calculated based on our internal policies. 
  • Please note that our Shipment Protection covers only cases stated above and or that meet our terms below. In any other case, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to assist, as always.

How our Shipment Protection will work

  • In any case where your package is lost/stolen/damaged in transit, you can simply file a claim, in accordance with the terms detailed below, in the following link:
  • This link can also be found at the footer of our website at any time.
  • In order for a package to be eligible for protection, customers must comply with the below terms, and provide any information or required documentation stated by our team. Without the required cooperation, we can not offer package protection. Protection will not apply on any package with respect to which incorrect information was provided by the customer:
- name
- phone number
- email 
- delivery address provided by customer during the checkout process

    Any package with respect to which incorrect information was provided, will not be deemed eligible for protection under the Shipment Protection program.

    • For any eligible claim, i.e. a claim that meets all requirements for shipment protection, and as of the date all requested information and documents have been provided by customer to Edikted, we will handle the claim and offer you a full refund or a replacement (if relevant items are in stock) of the protected products (the “Protection Choices”), within 7 business days. Once you choose from the Protection Choices presented to you, we will process refund or shipment, and you should receive it in accordance with the then applicable shipment or refund schedule.
    • Please note that items eligible for Shipment Protection, that are out of stock when handling any claim, we are only able to offer a refund.
    • For any schedule or time frame listed below, please note that all delivery updates shall be the ones updated in the carrier’s tracking system (the “Tracking Update”).
    • Please note that in the case that a customer paid via any payment installment service, and becomes eligible for a refund under our protection choices, will still be responsible to pay any remaining balance owed to the payment installment service provider.

    Ineligible Packages or Items

    The following will not be covered by our Shipment Protection Program

    • Any delays in delivery, caused by any reason;
    • Packages that were ordered while providing incorrect information (and in particular, incorrect email, phone, name or address);
    • Packages that encountered any customs issue;
    • Packages returned to Edikted due to any delivery issue;
    • Package arrives with missing items (without any indication that the package has been tampered with);
    • Packages with respect to which claims were not filed in accordance with the below terms;
    • Packages with respect to which, the customer did not provide all required information or documentation, including but not limited to, photos, notarized incident statement, or any other piece of information or document required by our team in order to handle any claim. Please note that any delay in answering our requests or questions of more than 7 days, will also deny any possible Shipment Protection;
    • Packages that had any other issue, that does not qualify the package as Lost, Stolen. Or Damaged during transit;
    • If you encountered any of the aforesaid issues, or for any other matter, please contact us at

    Specific Terms for each Shipment Protection Scenario:

    Lost packages

      • After 10 days has passed from the last Tracking Update, and no delivery or update has been made, we will consider to qualify the package as "Lost" and will assist with tracking it (if possible), replacing it or refunding it.
      • Claim has to be filed after at least 10 days since the last Tracking Update, but not later than 30 days since such date.
      • If you have received only a part of your order without any indication that the package has been tampered with, it will not be classified as "Lost". If you are experiencing this issue, please contact us at
  • If a claim is filed after more than 30 days after the last Tracking Update, the package will not be categorized as "Lost".

  • Stolen packages

    • After 2 days have passed from the last Tracking Update, that determines that your package has been "Delivered", without you actually receiving it, we consider this to be a case of a “Stolen Package”. 
    • During this 2-day period, we kindly request that you will check with neighbors and household members if they received the package by mistake. Most lost packages are misplaced or received by someone nearby, so please allow this 2-day period to ensure that the package was not misdelivered or easily found in the vicinity
    • Stolen Packages claims MUST be filed after the aforesaid 2-day period and within 14 days from the listed “Delivery Date”. Claims that will be filed not following that time frame, will not be eligible for Shipment Protection.

    Items Damaged During Transit

    • If your package is damaged during transportation, please file a claim within 30 days of the delivery date. Make sure to take a photo of both the damaged package and the damaged item, so you could provide it as a proof.  
    • In order to make items as eligible for protection as “Damaged”, the claim must be supported with photos of the claimed damage and a written explanation as to the damage and the cause for such damage (to the best of your knowledge). Our team may request for some additional information or documentation, to help us handle your claim as soon as practicable.
    • An item that has been classified as damaged, will not have to be returned to Edikted, in order to qualify for Shipment Protection.
    • An item will be considered Damaged and as such eligible for Shipment Protection, only if the item becomes visibly damaged during transit (e.g. wet or crushed). If the item is damaged or suffering from any quality control issue, but the damage does not seem to happen during transit (i.e. torn zipper,missing button, etc.), at the discretion of our team, this item will not be deemed as “Damaged” and covered by the Shipment Protection. For such cases - please reach out to directly.
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